Variations of the modern camper can be traced back to the 1900’s, when it was little more than a folding bed rigged to a car. Since then, campers have come a long way!

For the past decade a lot of eclectic individuals from out West to Texas to Florida have taken it upon themselves to turn these small campers in to mobile photo booths. This birthed Ottomaticpix! We wanted to bring this experience to Nashville and the surrounding areas. It’s a fun, unique Photo Booth constructed out of a 1954 Tear Drop trailer, with plenty of crazy props to model with.

We hope you enjoy!


Like different diamonds in your engagement ring, Ottomatic Pix is unique.  With vintage exterior and detailing and custom accessories, I do more than take pictures – I help you create a one of a kind atmosphere and vibe your guests will love.  When was the last time you saw people lining up to get their photo taken not just in a photo booth, but with the outside of a photo booth?


When the people come knockin’ (on a trailer door), you know your party’s rockin’!  Make your event memorable by making myself the guest of honor.  Everyone knows there’s no better party favor for your guests than photo evidence of the good times.  These photos can quickly be uploaded to Instagram and Facebook so everyone else can see what they’re missing!


I have to admit, Corporate America has never been my thing.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy bringing my fun, laid back vibe to your corporate events.  It feels so good to be different – like the difference between a normal, predictable business function and the kind where people actually have a good time, loosen up, and get to know each other with the pictures to prove it!